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400C round surface screen printing machine
Product Brief
     400C round screen printing machine is a universal screen printing machine. Can be widely used in daily supplies, toys, electronics, electrical appliances, plastics, leather, metal, glass, light industry and food packaging and other industries.
First, this round surface printing machine has the following characteristics:
1, full-featured, capable of printing cylindrical surface, conical surface and large arc surface.
2. Each position is electric eye sensor, accurate position, excellent performance.
3, the workbench can be fine-tuned in terms of left, right, front, back, and angle, and the positioning is accurate and stable.
4, automatic start function, remove and wash the net frame more convenient.
5, scraper left and right movement using the guide structure, lighter and smoother to improve the printing quality.
6. The lifting and lowering of the frame adopts the guide structure of the guide bar of the round steel, which has high precision and smooth movement.
7, automatic network function, the printing quality is higher.
8, the circuit part of the Taiwan Yangming control part, the use of a more stable
9. The blade is driven by pneumatic and synchronous belts, which makes the operation more stable.
10, automatic suction function, suitable for thin workpiece printing.
11, stable performance, the entire machine adopts the world's most advanced microcomputer controller control.
12, according to customer needs, preset two function programs, single-cycle printing and full-auto printing.
13. Adopting the latest pneumatic components from Taiwan Yadeke Company and Japan (SMC) Company, the power is smooth, strong and durable.
14, special shock absorber device, the machine operates very smoothly.
15. The workbench adopts cast aluminum fine tabletop, printing accuracy is higher.
16. The operation panel is more convenient and quick to use, and the screen printing function can be directly used for agile and convenient use.
Second, technical parameters:
  1, printing color     1 color
  2, single cycle        can
  3, continuous exercise  can
  4, project count       can
  5, speed adjustment    can (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  6, the delay of each part can be (0 ~ 9 adjustable)
  7, printing speed       1000 times / hour
  8, the largest frame       350mmX500mm
  9, the largest printing area   Φ127mm screen printing diameter
  10, the frame on the trip       160mm
  11, scraper left and right stroke  400mm
  12, scraper, oil scraper up and down stroke   25mm
  13, drive                     pneumatic
  14. Control System            Microcomputer
  15, control voltage                12VDC
  16, power supply voltage         220VAC / 1 phase
  17, connect the load                20W
  18, pneumatic supply               6bar
  19. Air Consumption / Cycle         2.1L
  20, body dimensions       720mm X 760mm X 1680mm
   21, weight                  170Kg
Third, the machine operation safety performance:
    The 400C round screen printing machine conforms to the latest engineering styles and is absolutely reliable if used as required.
    The machine is equipped with an emergency switch: When the emergency switch is pressed in the event of an emergency, the machine is immediately powered off. Returning to the starting position, when the emergency switch is turned off after things are done, it can be safely started and returned to normal.
      However, the following situations may still cause danger!
 (1) When the machine needs to be moved or repaired, the power source and air source must be cut off.
 (2) When adjusting or cleaning the oil scraper, follow the steps.
 (3) Enhance fire awareness and equipped with fire fighting equipment.

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